Rosita Diamond Gold Oval Signet Ring

Regular price $420.00

Antique-inspired 14k gold oval signet with diamond.

A classic design in our collection, this beautiful and simple oval signet ring is set with a diamond at the center of a carved starburst. This ring is our original design, but is inspired by many a piece in our estate and personal collection.  While popular as a pinky ring, the Rosita can also be worn on any other finger, pointer, middle or ring finger.  

This setting style, where a single diamond is set within the center of a hand-engraved starburst, had its hey-day in Western jewelry made in the Victorian period (1840's-1900), and typically adorned both women's and men's accessories from tie pins to earrings to cufflinks, rings lockets and fobs etc.

MATERIALS: 14K Recycled Yellow Gold, Natural & Non-Conflict Diamond.

DIAMONDS:  Single cut, 2pt (1/50th of a karat).

SIZE: Please request your size if it is not currently in stock. Custom orders welcome.

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