GEO cube necklace


Hand stamped cube pendant necklace: [CUSTOM ENGRAVING]

This vintage brass cube pendant is hand stamped one letter at a time on each face using a set of antique, hand carved machinist letters. It hangs from a vintage brass chain.

There are 5 faces which can be used, but sometimes we only engrave 4 of them...the stamping is entirely up to you...common requests include L-O-V-E with a heart on the bottom, M-M-X-V (2015 in Roman numerals), or 2-0-1-5

Let us know what you would like to engrave your cube with by including the details in the Notes box during check out or by emailing

MATERIALS: 100% brass.

DIMENSIONS: Chain length is 18". Cube is 5/16" (8mm) not including the loop at the top.


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