Willa Horseshoe Turquoise Pearl Ring


Victorian Gold and Gemstone ring

This gold horseshoe ring dates back to the latter half of the Victorian period, the end of the 19th century.  The horseshoe is a classic icon hands down, dating back to medieval superstitions surrounding the horseshoe's power to protect and bring good luck.  In the 1870's the Prince of Wales, later Kind Edward the VIII, brought the symbol to fore in the Victorian age by wearing a horseshoe stick pin in public to show his love of horse racing.  Rapidly horseshoes were fashioned into every style of jewelry, popular with both men and women, as the vogue for the symbol took hold.  Horseshoes have been championed by many other fashion icons since, and as such have more or less been permanently established as a classic in western jewelry designs and can be found in countless contemporary jewel-boxes.

This particular ring was originally a stick pin which we converted into a fine-band ring using the stick part of the pin to form the half-hoop band.  This ring is made in 9 karat gold and the horseshoe surface is inset with alternating graduated turquoises and natural pearls. 

MATERIALS: 9K Yellow Gold, Turquoise and Pearl.


SIZE: 8 (US)


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