Jen Street


Green Glass Cameo Ring.

This is a beautiful Art Deco ring purchased along with a lot of old-stock, never worn rings from the 1920's.  This was most likely manufactured in Europe using a glass casting technique which is no longer used in jewelry today which allowed jewelers to imitate all kinds of materials by casting them into glass of all colors and shapes...This one is particularly beautiful and meant to look like a cameo, all the more special with its duo of hematite and jade tones, accented by a single clear rhinestone...This came in a group of rings marked 'rolled gold', however we fear much of this gold is gone and the band is more likely mostly brass...

SIZE:  approximately size 6

DIMENSIONS: : 1" Width (25mm) ring face. 

MATERIALS: Glass cameo, rolled-gold on brass (?), rhinestone.

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