JENNINGS heart framed watch charm necklace.


Vintage gold-filled heart framed watch pendant on gold-filled chain necklace.

This pendant is a special piece as it features a watch pendant, an artefact from times gone by.  Not only are watches no longer worn on every wrist, but the watch pin is an article that had its heyday in the 1920-40's, and hasn't come back into vogue since.  This particular watch pendant was from a pin made in the 1940's and features a gold-filled watch surrounded by the outline of a heart also in gold-fill. The watch may or may not be able to keep time. The face was oriented sideways to make it easier to read the time when worn on a lapel.


CHAIN DETAILS: This charm ships on an 18" long necklace made from new 14k gold-filled fine, 1mm, flat wire curb chain. The toggle clasp closes in front and is a new, 14k gold-filled clasp. (Please note that while this chain and clasp are not vintage, we do have vintage options available; please contact us via email for more information, additional sizes or if you would like to forgo the chain all together.)

CHARM DIMENSIONS: 1.375 x 1 x .375" (35 x 25 x10mm)