O SUSANA horseshoe bracelet


Hand stamped horseshoe charm bracelet.

This bracelet features a cable chain in your choice of brass or sterling silver whose clasp is also its charm: a vintage brass solid cast horseshoe which has been hand-stamped with the words 'GET LUCKY'.  The engraving is stamped one letter at a time using a set of antique machinists' stamps whose hand-carved letters add a touch of personality.  The bracelet is clasped by sliding one end of the horseshoe through the brass loop at the other end just like a toggle until it completely slips through.  Once the horseshoe is fully passed through the loop the bracelet remains closed, unable to open again until the process is reversed.  This design was inspired by keychains in our estate collection from the 1920's which use the same technique to thread a horseshoe through each key added to the chain.

MATERIALS: brass, sterling silver (shown sampled) or brass