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Brass teardrop/rondelle 'porcupine quills' bib necklace w/ rhinestone mesh base.

This bib necklace begins with a circa 1950 clear rhinestone contour necklace from which fan out a series of 'quills' made from a pairing of circa 1930 brass hollow teardrops with ca. 1940 black facet crystal beads and ca. 1950 Czech crystal and brass rondelles. Can be adjusted to the length desired.

DIMENSIONS: 3.25" drop (8cm), Inner Circumferences: 15" (38cm), 16.5" (42cm), 17.5" (44cm), 18.5" (47cm).


Materials: 1950 clear rhinestone contour necklace, 1940 black facet crystal beads, 1950 Czech crystal and brass rondelles, 1930 brass hollow teardrops. 

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