MOORE rhinestone puff heart necklace


Czech glass-and-brass puff heart gold-filled chain charm necklace.

This pendant is a vintage Czech rhinestone and brass puffed heart…it is a unique charm; we have never come across one like it with rhinestones on all sides, oxidized brass and a hollow center.  The sparkle is lovely and the heart has a nice subtle shape to it.

CHAIN DETAILS: This charm ships on an 18" long necklace made from new 14k gold-filled fine, 1mm, flat wire curb chain. The toggle clasp closes in front and is a new, 14k gold-filled clasp. (Please note that while this chain and clasp are not vintage, we do have vintage options available; please contact us via email for more information, additional sizes or if you would like to forgo the chain all together.)

CHARM DIMENSIONS: .875 x .875 x .5" (22 x 22 x 13mm)

MATERIALS: brass, rhinestone, gold fill.