Ms. Chapman pencil necklace


Vintage pencil stub on ball chain necklace.

This is a personal favorite at Thea Grant worn both by the men and women who work at the studio.  The pendant is a unique, authentic vintage pencil stub which dates from the 1920's to the 1970's which we hang from a 14K GF ball chain, clasped with a sterling silver ball chain connecter.  Each pencil has stood the test of time and is left in the state found--sometimes unused and sometimes well used--exuding its own character like a personality.  It is elevated to jewelry by being placed on a gold-filled chain just as though it were a valuable collectible, which in our eyes it is...perhaps without the inherent value of precious metal or stone.

NECKLACE DETAILS: This charm ships on a 24" long necklace made from new 14k gold-filled 2mm ball chain. Ball chain clasp closes in back with a new, sterling silver ball-chain connector clasp.

(Please note that while this chain and clasp are not vintage, we do have vintage options available; please contact us via email for more information, additional sizes or if you would like to forgo the chain all together.)

CHARM DIMENSIONS: 2.5 x .5 x .5" (63 x 7 x 7mm)

MATERIALS: Wood, Graphite, 14K Gold-fill, Sterling Silver