QUARLES Victorian goldstone heart necklace


Gold-filled chain necklace with large goldstone heart pendant.

This beautiful antique goldstone heart is a scintillating Victorian charm which draws the eye to its myriad glittery specks contained behind the largely smooth, carved surface.


CHAIN DETAILS: This charm ships on an 18" long necklace made from new 14k gold-filled fine, 1mm, flat wire curb chain. The toggle clasp closes in front and is a new, 14k gold-filled clasp. (Please note that while this chain and clasp are not vintage, we do have vintage options available; please contact us via email for more information, additional sizes etc.)

CHARM DIMENSIONS: 41 x 35 x 3mm (1.625 x 1.375 x 0.125")

MATERIALS: Goldstone, 14k Gold-Filled chain and clasp.

NOTE ABOUT GOLDSTONE: Goldstone, contrary to its name, is actually a manmade 'aventurine glass' invented in the 17th century in Venice which has an alluring glitter, or 'aventurescence', usually in a shade of coppery brown, which is produced by the melting together and crystallization of silica, copper oxide et cetera.  The resulting material can be carved or polished into various forms and was used often in jewelry for both men and women in the late Victorian era.