Smith Street


Multiple overlaying antique lockets necklace on fine brass chain.

This necklace is inspired by a family wedding.  As a gift to a bride close to us we filled her decolletage on her wedding day with the most special of keepsakes: antique lockets.  Interweaving vintage chains we created a delicate neck-full of old-fashioned, now-new memories so as to bring as many of her most important faces and moments together as possible in one piece. Each locket is a unique antique, is gold-filled and dates back to 1850-1910. Some among them are monogrammed or set with stones or engraved with patterns--in this case the center locket features a paste-set crescent moon, a classic Victorian motif.  All are ready for you to make them your own.

DIMENSIONS: 5.5" drop (14cm), 16.5" inner circumference (42cm)

MATERIALS: Brass, gold-fill