Saint Francis Place


Chain fringe bib necklace with rhinestone accent.

This fringe bib necklace features salvaged chain from the mid-20th century.  The rhythmic cascade of chain is interrupted by an off-center art deco paste/rhinestone ca. 1920 bracelet which provides a ‘streak’ of sparkle.  This design is a variation of a favorite style of ours originally inspired by the fender of a 1950’s Mercedes-Benz. 

**Each necklace varies by the bracelet used; our current bracelet is set with emerald rhinestones and clear pastes.  Please contact us with any questions or requests for a different bracelet/color.

Dimensions: 18" Inner Circumference (46cm), 10" Drop (25cm)


Materials: Brass chain, paste/rhinestone and rhodium plated metal, brass hardware.