Almond Shaped Antique Diamond 5-stone Ring

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Art Deco Diamond Almondine ring, Platinum and Gold Band.

This antique ring is formed in what is referred to as an 'almond' or 'boat' shape. It is a classic from over a hundred years ago whose popularity began in the 19th century and which remained popular through the Edwardian and Art Deco periods up until the 1940's.  This particular ring dates to the 1920's or 1930's.  The gallery face is pavé (flush) set with five, ‘old cut’ genuine diamonds in graduating sizes. While the diamonds are set into platinum, a standard for diamond setting at the time, the gallery is bordered by a thin frame of 18k which seamlessly joins the gold band. This dual-metal combination was common for diamond rings from this era. The band itself is square shaped, with gently rounded edges.

To the naked eye, this ring has some very gentle asymmetries which are not an unusual with an antique ring. When we observed these through a loupe, it became clear that this ring was most likely worn in a stack, flanked by rings on either side, as there are slight wear marks hollowed out from years of rubbing against another ring.  The other interesting characteristic is the maker's mark which clearly reads 'Bravingtons', at one-time a very well known British jeweler which had shops in the Strand in London at King's Cross among others. According to our research, Bravingtons was considered a top drawer jeweler dealing in wedding jewelry and silver from the early 20th century until its closing only in the last 15 years or so. 

A note about old cut diamonds:

Old cuts date from a time when each diamond was hand cut in natural light  according to the diamond's best qualities and the eye of the cutter. The facets may be slightly irregular as a result and the very base tip of the stone is cut flat. Today's brilliant cut diamonds, on the other hand, require precise instruments and the stones are typically classified to meet the standard of the size and cut, the faceting of which is calibrated to allow the maximum refraction of light within the stone.

We particularly favor diamond rings from the Edwardian and Art Deco eras which fall roughly in between 1900-1930, when the ornate Victorian and Art Nouveau styles were giving way to more modern and streamlined motifs.  Settings and galleries were designed most often in elegant, architectural combinations of odd numbers--featured alone, in three's as here, and even five's, set into a simple and pleasing geometry of circles, squares and rectangles.

We imagine that this ring would make a wonderful engagement ring or stacking band,  to commemorate an anniversary,  celebrate an April birthday, or delight its new owner just because it is beautiful worn alone or in a group.

MATERIALS: 18K Yellow Gold, Platinum Setting and Natural Diamonds. 

SIZE: 6.5(US). Can be resized upon request.

DIMENSIONS: The gallery face is 4mm high x 13mm long. Band is 1x1.5mm all around, tapering as it joins the gallery.


CONDITION of Setting: Good. Signs of the band having been resized at its base. See above for further condition notes.

BIRTHSTONE:  April (Diamond)

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