...A Portrait

We are a family first, designers second, gourmets-gourmands third.
Thea and Nico met and began working together in 2004 in Brooklyn. Within less than a year they were married, had a full-fledged collection in Barneys NY, and a few years later they moved into one wing of an old Brooklyn Victorian mansion and welcomed one, then two boys into the fold.
Beautiful and true design, quality, aesthetic value, multi-culturism, and multi-lingualism, historial context, art, philosophy, ecology, material culture, cross pollination, and originality have been among the core values and interests that fuel this partnership.  Our greatest joy has been to fuse our professional lives and our lifestyle wherein our family life is aligned with our metier and we are able to daily hunt and re-construct the old, the re-newable, the spectacularly overlooked, both shabby and chic, and make elegant and relevant objects which others will enjoy owning and wearing.
We believe that the greatest resource is our planet and therefore strive to live and work as green as possible. It is our aim to improve our environment in our lifetime by taking care with our choices and practices and educating others on how they can do the same.  We make what we make slowly and organically and as such see ourselves as 'slow jewelers'.  We see our close relationships with our family, our loyal, returning customers, and our community as key measures to success.  

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