Pinard Oval Signet Ring

Product image 1Signet ring oval blank brass sterling silver
Product image 2Signet ring oval blank brass sterling silver
Product image 3Signet rings, vintage style
Product image 4Signet ring oval blank brass
Product image 5Brass oval signet ring
Product image 6Signet ring
Product image 7Rock'n'roll jewelry for men and women
Product image 8Signet ring, sterling silver stamped
Product image 9Silver signet ring
Product image 10sterling silver signet ring
Product image 11Signet ring, brass
Product image 12Pinard Oval Signet Ring
Product image 13Pinard Oval Signet Ring
Product image 14Pinard Oval Signet Ring
Product image 15Pinard Oval Signet Ring
Product image 16Pinard Oval Signet Ring
Product image 17Pinard Oval Signet Ring
Product image 18Pinard Oval Signet Ring

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Oval blank signet ring, unisex, in choice of sterling silver or brass.

Cast locally in recycled sterling silver, brass (and gold upon special request), this signet is one of the most requested rings which we make.  Worn by both men and women on almost any and all fingers (though least popular on the thumb and most popular on the pinky), this signet fits the bill for a simple, easy to wear, contemporary classic.  Classics by definition, have a timelessness to them, and become part of the signature of the wearer and the maker alike.  As such, we love this vintage-inspired, simple shape, which either may remain a blank canvas as shown, or be engraved by us in one of two ways.*  

Signet Rings-

Signet rings are all about personal identity.  These rings began with the tradition of the unique mark or markings which represent us. Signets have existed, in one form or another, as long as humans have been communicating in written form.  Early signets were carved from stone, and could be imprinted or pressed into a document and for centuries were the most important form of legal authentication, as each signet was unique to a single person.  This info-graphic code was legible and understood by one and all, even the potentially illiterate populace.

With the advent of the Bronze Age, these custom-carved insignia were eventually transferred to metal and then were added to rings where they were easily used in place of today's signature when pressed into a generous daub of wax.  Signets during this time were costly to make and increasingly elaborate in design and became status symbols for those important enough to need their documents to carry legally binding seals, and as such signets were often destroyed upon the wearer's death...This personal mark carved into jewelry remains a strong trope in contemporary jewelry, though the ornate and sometimes bloodthirsty symbols of heraldry have given way most often to individual initials and monograms, mottos, names and in some cases it is just the shape of the shield itself that is a powerful symbol for the wearer, with no further personalization needed.


Both sterling and brass can be expected to oxidize, but both can be easily polished.  

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver or Brass.

SIZE: This ring comes in whole sizes, but we can usually size to half sizes upon request. If your size is not in stock feel free to contact us so we can make you one!

WEIGHT: 8-10 grams in Sterling. 7-9 grams in Brass.


  • Oval cartouche is 14mm x 11mm
  • Band at narrowest point is 4mm wide

*These rings can be stamp-engraved on site, or we can hand-engrave. Please call or email for further details.

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