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Small crescent moon pendant necklace

Product image 1Small crescent moon pendant necklace
Product image 2Small crescent moon pendant necklace
Product image 3Small crescent moon pendant necklace
Product image 4Small crescent moon pendant necklace
Product image 5Small crescent moon pendant necklace
Product image 6Small crescent moon pendant necklace
Product image 7Small crescent moon pendant necklace

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Small crescent moon pendant necklace in Sterling Silver or Gold.

We made this small, personal crescent moon pendant in a choice of either recycled rose gold or sterling silver, both on a sterling silver chain.  Beautiful all on its own or in a layered group of necklaces, this powerful lunar icon is undoubtedly deemed one of the oldest of all icons. Images of the moon pre-date our records of jewelry itself, yet must not be far from the first creation of adornment. Then, as now, the symbol of the moon is universal, central to the human experience. 

This moon, along with a sister, six-pointed star, is one of a series of celestial-themed designs we have created which also include earrings, rings and bracelets.  The original moon was a small brooch attached with a fine chain to a star, most likely Victorian, and meant for use as a lace or jabot collar pin. 

The draw of the moon is inevitable, and its position as the closest star in our orbit makes it awe-inspiring. It has both literal magnetism as it governs many of the cycles of Nature, as well as social magnetism having served as the muse for artists and poets for eons. Thematically the moon is often positioned as the feminine, associated with the Greek goddess Diana in ancient mythologies, an opposite in force and attributes to the more masculine sun, affiliated with Diana's twin Apollo, the god of the sun. 

  • Sterling Silver on Sterling Silver Chain
  • 10k Rose Gold on Sterling Silver Chain
CHAIN DETAILS: This pendant ships on an 18" long necklace made from new 1mm sterling silver cable chain.*
  • 10mm High (including the loop) x 7mm Wide (across moon), x 1.5mm Thick.
*Other chain styles and lengths available upon request.
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