Clermont Avenue


Rhinestone flowers and snowflakes collage necklace--small. (Also available in Midi and Big sizes.)


Each Clermont is incredibly unique yet they all share the same make-up: a palette of sparkly mid-century sweater and lapel brooches in the shapes of flowers, snowflakes and circular forms accented by an abstract golden leaf.  A chandelier crystal in back with Aurora Borealis finish balances the weight, but can also be worn in front to one side.  This necklace is one of our classics. 

DIMENSIONS: 17.5" Drop (44 cm), 5" Inner Circumference (13cm), 4.5" long chain/back pendant

MATERIALS: Ca. 1950-1960 clear rhinestone and silver tone metal brooches, gold-tone rhinestone leaf ca. 1960-1970, Aurora Borealis finish translucent clear facet chandelier crystal ca. 1950-60.

*This necklace can be custom made in just about any color palette.

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