Hand stamped flat bangle bracelet: BROOKLYN NEW YORK or [YOUR CHOICE OF ENGRAVING]

This brass bangle bracelet is made from recycled brass and is sawed in a very thin slice from a thick tube, polished and then hand stamped one letter at a time using a set of antique machinist letters. The beauty of this bangle is it stacks well with other bracelets, and the stamping can face out so that others may read it, or it can face in so that only the wearer may read it.

This listing shows bangles pre-stamped featuring the word "BROOKLYN NEW YORK" or "PROVIDENCE RHODE ISLAND", but truly any words or city-state combination can be stamped.  Looking to get your own personalized or customized-? Include your stamping in the 'Notes' section during checkout or email us directly with what you would like the bracelet to say.

MATERIALS: 100% brass.

DIMENSIONS: 2.5" inner diameter, 1/4" high, 1.5mm wide/thick